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PT. Bhumi Phala Perkasa (a provider of services including maintenance, supply, fabrication, construction, installation, contracting, consultancy, rental, and inspection) acknowledges, accepts, and is highly commited to continually secure the health, safety, environment and welfare of all its employee, company assets and all others involved with the activities of the company. On-duty supervisory personnel have the responsibility for all aspects of the HSE policy to be appliyed at work and the daily activities.

It is the management’s policy to maintain a safe and healthy work environtment and continuously strive to achieve the highest HSE standards. To fulfill these steps, particular attention is paid to;

  • Continuously review, asses, review and improve our company HSE requirements;
  • Provide adequate sanitary and welfare facilities;
  • Provision of adequate financial and physical resources to achieve these standards;
  • The provision and communication of suitable and sufficient assessments of the health and safety risks of employees, company assets and all others as means of preventing injury or ill health aimed at “Zero-incident” operation;
  • The provision of sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable our employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety and health at work;
  • The safe provision, maintenance and arrangement for the use, handling, storage and transportation of equipment and materials;
  • Recognize the importance of all employees commitments to these obligations and encouraging their participation in all safety matters and embracing a culture whereby staff freely identify conditions which may appear hazardous, dangerous or unhealthy;
  • Comply with Indonesian HSE legislation and customer requirements;
  • The company will continually improve the effectiveness of this HSE policy by setting health, safety and environmental objectives and targets, by assessing audit results, data analysis, corrective and preventive actions as part of the review procedure.

Employee also have the duty to support the company by;

  • Adhering to any and all of the requirements laid down within its policies and procedures;
  • Reporting any accidents, incidents, near messes that may have occurred or any defects or other deficiencies in any equipment in use;
  • Engage in communication, consultation, training procedures that the company uses to ensure each employee actively assists in meeting and fulfilling the requirements and spirit of health and safety;
  • Embrace teamwork culture to openly discuss issues to improve health and safety performance from their experience.

It is essential that feedback from management, employees, clients and other stakeholders is received and communicated to all concerned as and integral component of the continues improvement process.

The company’s health, safety and environmental policy will be reviewed every 12 months of as necessary and any revision will be brought to the attention of employees.

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